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„Invisible Line“
(documentary, 2019
HISTORY Channel)

My name is Alexander Vexler and I am a freelance senior colorist, based in Munich. My weapon of choice is DaVinci Resolve, I've been working with since 2010.

I love to color documentaries, commercials, corporate and social media content, music videos and fiction formats in my studio or external post production agencies, like the Red Bull Media House or Bavaria Studios.

Besides my film & design study in Nuremberg I learned a lot about color grading in the time as DI assistant during my internship at ARRI Film&TV in Munich.


I have taken part in different DaVinci Resolve workshops & courses, organizing by the iCA (International Colorist Academy). I participated also the course „HDR Color Grading“ of Michael Radeck.


Since 2014 I’ve been giving workshops on DaVinci Resolve on myself at film & design schools in Germany.


I created a high performant studio for color grading & finishing (TV, WEB, DCP, BluRay),  based on the brand new Apple Mac Pro workstation. 


My calibrated Sony HDR monitor gives me the security of the colors‘ accuracy on a reference level. The Blackmagic Mini Panel helps me to work more precise and efficient. The calibrated LG CX OLED 55" gives me and my clients the vision of HDR & SDR content at viewers home screens.


3x "Terra X Faszination Erde Episodes(docu, 2024, zdf)

3x "Terra X Lesch Kosmos Episodes(docu, 2024, zdf)

3x "Wunder der Natur Episodes(docu, 2024, zdf info)


"Bundesliga Promo Kampagne(promo, 2023, sky)

"Leschs Kosmos - Gesundheitsrisiko...(docu, 2023, zdf)

"Leschs Kosmos - Cyberspace...(docu, 2023, zdf)

"Grünwald Comedy" (comedy series, 2023,BR)

"Tokyo" (documentary, 2023, RTL+)

"Leschs Kosmos - Space Race 2.0(docu, 2023, zdf)

"Leschs Kosmos - Artensterben(docu, 2023, zdf)

"Deutschland im Ernstfall(docu series, 2022, ard)

"Imagine my life" (docu series, 2022)

"ZDF Naturwunder - Island" (docu, 2022, zdf info)

"ZDF Naturwunder - Vietnam" (docu, 2022, zdf info)

"ZDF Naturwunder - Grand Canyon" (docu, 2022, zdf info)

"Terra X, Faszination Erde - Alaska(docu, 2022, zdf)

"Terra X, Faszination Erde - Intelligenz" (docu, 2022, zdf)

"Terra X, Faszination Erde - Spanien(docu, 2022, zdf)

"Deinzigartig" (3x TVC spots, 2022)

"Ära Diana" (documentary, 2022, sat1)

"Kevin Volland" (documentary, 2022)

"Anna Veith: Die unbekannte Bekannte" (docu, 2022, ServusTV)

"TerraX - Varusschlacht" (HDR documentary, 2021, zdf)

"TerraX - Columbus(HDR documentary, 2021, zdf)

"TerraX - Mondlandung(HDR documentary, 2021, zdf)

"Italo Disco" (documentary, 2021, BR, arte, rai1)

"Jud Süß 2.0" (documentary, 2021, arte)

"The Game" (documentary, 2021)

"Im Angesicht" (documentary series, 2021, History Channel, C&I)

"Du kannst mich fragen was du willst - Franz Seitz" (docu, 2021)

"Made in New Zealand" (documentary, 2020, Red Bull TV)

"Stimmen der Coronakrise" (documentary, 2020, History Channel)

"Thiem Spirit 2" (documentary, 2020, ServusTV)

„Bergwelten - Schröcksnadel“ (documentary, 2020, ServusTV)

„Ivisible Line“ (documentary, 2019, History Channel / CI)

„Total Control“ (documentary, 2018, History Channel / A&E)

„Indianersiedlung“ (documentary, 2018, WDR)

„Das Spiel mit der Bombe“ (documentary, 2018, arte / ard / BR)

„Sehnsucht nach Freiheit“ (documentary, 2016, kabel eins Doku)


MAN Truck & Bus, BMW, Borussia M'gladbach, Marriott, Red Bull, Orizon, Spielwarenmesse, XPoli, Varta, GEFRO, LGA, DLR etc.



Dipl. Designer (FH)

+49 172 6453359

  • Instagram - Weiß Kreis

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